The goodness of gratefulness

Gratefulness is the boat that takes you from your perceived problems to the shores of hope….. The sooner you board the boat the faster you arrive at hope! I wouldn’t be being honest with you or myself if I didn’t acknowledge that there has not been a problem or situation at hand in my life that hope wasn’t on the other side of things; it’s when we can just get to the mental boat of gratitude that we then can see the shore lines of hope. A grateful heart and mindset is a safeguard against any catastrophe that life can send our way….. You can bet that!!! Hope will ALWAYS find the grateful and lead them to the rainbows end 100% of the time! I’m not saying that you won’t get wet in the storm, but those who have this beautiful character trait dance in the waters of the storm knowing that this too shall pass.

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Hello world!

Yay me~ I have finally gathered the courage to share my heart in a sense, this blog will hold my most precious thoughts. If you would like to know what is in a man’s heart you must listen carefully to what comes forth from his mouth. So let the journey begin ☺️

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